Reasons to Teach English in Costa Rica

Are you a fan of the volunteer projects that allow you to serve different communities and enjoy a totally new culture, whilst making a good deed in the same time? Do you like to give a helping hand to all of the persons who need your assistance now more than ever? If you would enjoy working with little children as well as with adults, then here is the perfect opportunity for you: being a volunteer teacher and helping others learn English in Costa Rica. One of the main reasons that push people to teach English in Costa Rica is the fact that they can make a tremendous impact on the future of all the persons there who are extremely eager to broaden their horizons and grasp the basic concepts behind the world's most important international language. There are many volunteering possibilities in this gorgeous country and they include everything from teaching foreign languages to being a part of the Costa Rica dog rescue teams.
The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish, but there are other recognized regional languages as well which include Mekatelyu, Patois and Bribri. This makes it extremely clear that there is a lack of English language speakers in the region and this is an extremely unfortunate fact. Keeping in mind that Costa Rica is considered to be the most developed and safe country in the entire Central America region, there is no reason not to participate in a learning project here. The country is a magnet for more than 2 million tourists every single year, but how many of them stop and remain for a while to dedicate their efforts towards the locals for a change? Apart from the safety of the country and the fact that there is a great need for English teachers and assistants, other possible reasons to take the trip to Costa Rica for a project of this sort would include the perfect climate, large number of things to visit and activities to undergo, as well as the wildlife and adventure possibilities present there.
Out of the official ethnic groups recorded in Costa Rica according to the latest census of 2011, around 65.8% of the country's population is White or Castizo. However, this does not mean that all of these persons know how to speak English. As a matter of fact, the percentage is far lower and the situation is looking fairly gloom, which is a further reason to give a helping hand and offer as a volunteer for English courses in this beautiful and breathtaking country. Many international voices speak about the fact that tourists often come to this land of pristine sceneries only to gaze at the amazing natural sights, but few persons actually remain or plan a trip with the purpose to offer assistance to the locals rather then just satisfying their own needs for travelling. This can now change with the help of professional and dedicated companies that anyone can find online. They will guide you through all of the steps that you have to take, as well as help you with everything you need to know. Remember, there are 4,586,353 persons living in Costa Rica and they are all expecting your help!

By Groshan Fabiola


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