The Secrets to Intonation and Speed of Speaking

A common mistake made globally is having wrong or improper intonation just because the teacher had the same intonation.According to expert English teachers, it is better to speak in monotones as compared to having bad intonation. Learning the right intonation is more difficult for students or learners who learn a wrong intonation and speed of speaking from the very beginning of their English learning journey.
Here is an article that will help you regain composure and correct all your wrong learning, if any.
5 Tips to get your intonation and speed right:
1. Practice as and when you can- Irrespective of where you are, always remember that while learning a language, practicing is good. Speak to native speakers in English without being intimidated and ask them to correct you whenever you tend to go off tune.
2. Experimentation pays- Whenever you can, experiment with the words and phrases you are accustomed to. Learn that experimenting with your vocabulary is a good thing and that you're headed in the right direction.
3. Respond to people in English- Whether at work or out socializing, people tend to speak in English nowadays. On having someone speak to you in the English language, be confident enough to reply back in the same lingo. This will encourage your practice and give you an insightful understanding on the usage of terms and phrases.
4. Use fillers when stranded- Ask any native speaker and he/ she will tell you how they make use of fillers when they find themselves stuck in a situation unable to recollect a particular word. This will help you, especially while you're conversing with senior or higher level professionals, as standing dumbfound in front of them would just be lame.
5. Keep a tab on your speed- It is understood that you're an English learner, hence, keep an open mind and try to use the natural rhythm while speaking in English. Trying to speak too fast to cover up your lack of English communication skills could backfire, as it could get difficult for people to understand you.

By Padmaja S Singh


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