Types of Learning Difficulties and Disabilities and How SEN Courses Can Help

When it comes to helping children learn, Special Educational Needs courses, or SEN courses for short, are the perfect way for you to gain the skills you need. Many children suffer with varying disabilities or learning difficulties which can make learning a lot harder and more of a challenge. This article identifies and explains some of the challenges that many people face at a young age.
By teaching and helping children with such difficulties you tend to become very motivated by the task in hand because you can see the positive impact you're having on the children. A job that's rewarding is one you're more likely to excel at. Undertaking SEN courses also has a number of benefits. As well as being very rewarding, the courses can be learnt from the comfort of your own home which means you do not have to spend a lot of money in terms of travel costs. You are able to learn at your own pace and this generally means you'll be more relaxed and less stressed out, which always makes learning easier!
There are many different types of learning difficulties which taking SEN courses help you to learn about. One common type is dyslexia. This is a type of reading disability in which children find it hard to read accurately or fluently even though they may well be top of the class for their actual level of intelligence. People with this disability struggle to read and spell words correctly. This can clearly have a negative impact on learning because spelling and reading are two of the biggest aspects of many different subjects at school, especially English.
Following on from this point, learning is often hard for some children but for a different reason, that being speech and language difficulties. Communication is a big part of being at school so it is easy to see why difficulty in this area can be a big challenge. Through no fault of their own some people may stutter or hesitate when trying to speak. It's important to remember that there are ways to manage these things and by taking SEN courses people will be better able to help others with such problems.
Some children have social and behavioural difficulties in that they often find it hard to interact well effectively in social situations and to build meaningful relationships with other pupils. Sometimes it is hard for a child to remain on task when in a lesson or they may behave in a way which seems unusual for their age group.
There are other learning difficulties which might be physical such as visual impairment, blindness or deafness. These all make life a lot harder for people who have to live with these kinds of conditions but with the right help and support these pupils can achieve just as much success as anyone else.
SEN courses can help to manage all of these types of challenges and more in order to ensure everyone is treated fairly and can get the best results from school and education as they possibly can.

By Ellis Holloway


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